Friday, 8 March 2013

j.k rowling practise

J.K Rowling practise
In this interview, J.K Rowling talks about her life which sounds as if she had a very unhappy, stressful childhood. J.K Rowling says she had no nostalgia about childhood and then says “whatsoever” adding emphasis to say that she didn’t have any nostalgia.  She hesitates while saying “I c-can” to think of something to say to responds. J.k. Rowling also uses short sentences to add to the previous sentence making more effect to it. J.K Rowling also stutters when she is saying “c-can”. She also uses rhetorical questions which also show if the viewers are listening.

At times, J.K. Rowling says “erm”, this shows that she has a thought of returning to the previous topic she was thinking about. She then tries to reorganize her thoughts about what she is about to say. The interviewer replies “And how cruel other kids can be” is a question using statements that aren’t true. J.K. Rowling explains that kids can be vicious, vicious showing that they may be angry and forceful. J.K. Rowling also says 'erm err and I' a lot to try not to say the wrong thing on TV because she may accidently say something a bit too personal in her life, so she tries to reword it so it states something not as secretive because she doesn’t want anyone to know about her childhood. The interviewers can see that J.K. Rowling was an unhappy child because of what she is saying in the interview but every time she says something about childhood, she tries to make it look better by saying something good abut it. she also is about to say something but then quickly changes to another thing because she might have thought of saying something but then thought it was inappropriate or it may be too personal for it to go on TV. J.K Rowling also uses forceful words by saying “mine clearly isn’t because it wont let me erase it!”, this also shows she did have a bad childhood because she responds to the interviewers question of “but isn’t the mind a wonderful thing to let you erase that?” in a forceful way. She also talks over the interviewer to get her point across.

J.K. Rowling’s body language also differentiates from different interviews, this may be because of her childhood being bad and stressful which is showing uncomfortableness, she changes the subject sometimes to get out of feeling uncomfortable because she may start to show feelings in front of everyone.

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