Friday, 15 February 2013

Essay about spoken language

the spoken words that she uses is not so complex words that they wont understand, she uses this type of language so the small young children aged between 8-12 will understand what she is saying, she tries to make it as simple as possible because most of the children will be in junior school. the spoken language they use is very formal and the setting makes the answers for her to be more variable rather then towards one question. when a interviewer wishes to ask a question then they will look for a pause in the talk or for her to stop answering and then will ask to answer the host if they want to - the host will then say that the interviewer has a question that she/he would like to be answered. because they are little children, you would expect the language to include swearwords or slang words because they are very little children, the children are very polite to each other letting each other ask questions in a turn taking method,  they also do follow a set of questions and answers. j.k Rowling's answers and the children's questions are very unbalanced, sometimes the children will ask a long question and she will answer with a short answer and sometimes the kids give a short question and she replies with a long answer. when j.k Rowling wants to answer the question, she sometimes uses hedges and fillers to have a bit of a think before answering giving her a little bit more time. some of her answers she asks a question to find out more information to answer the question a bit more professionally. she will sometimes add humour to her answer

 she reacts to the children with eye contact, this shows that she is listening and talking to that child in a respectful way,

the body language she uses shows that she may be laughing, at one point the dog starts top walk out in front of her and she decides to stroke the dog

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