Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Plotting Potter

J.K Rowling Plotting Potter

How does J.K. use language in this interview?
How does the interviewer prompt Rowling in the interview?

In this interview, j.k Rowling is very calm throughout apart from when she realises that she hasn’t hidden a piece of information on her story board which has all the information about the book, the interviewer does try to comfort her by saying that no one can actually see it but on the video, the camera could always zoom in to see some of the information. At times she does change her body language  like when she becomes very relaxed by saying slang words for example: “cos” or “wanna”, she may also have used slang to appeal to the younger audience. The interviewer soon after asks Rowling a question to clarify on something she didn’t understand, asking this question can also make it easier for the audience to understand what she had just said but at one time, j.k does interrupt the interviewer with something she says her own. The interviewer also draws her to something on the paper but she doesn’t answer maybe because it is secretive. The interviewer asks “Tell us what column is exactly” but J.K Rowling interrupts her rapidly by talking about something else which could show that it is also secretive and she wasn’t meant to show anyone about that but she may not have said it because it might give away something about the book. The interviewer reassures J.k by saying “oh I don’t think anybody can see that” when Rowling accidently has shown a part of the notepad which she may have wanted to be hidden, this also relaxes Rowling making her feel much safer knowing that they cant see the words meant to be hidden. Rowling also says “wont wanna go to close on that because it gives to much away” which simplies that she is thinking that she is already giving away a lot of information which may also give away the surprise to the book.

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