Friday, 1 February 2013

my language day

Getting up: at 07:45 I get out of my bed and walk slowly into my bathroom, have a wee-wash my hands, brush my teeth, have a shower. Get dressed into my uniform and eat breakfast. Do the extra’s I need to do.

08:30: I start to walk to school in my school uniform and then go to tutor at 8:55 with my class in fb02. Depending on what day we do different things. At 09:15, I went to maths with Mr. Bennett and done stuff about percentages

10:30: I was in period 2, religious studies, and we talked about Christianity and god. We had to make a poster of Christians and god and at 11:30, I went to period 3 which was English with Miss Jones which we did nothing in and I annoyed Tyler.

12:30: lunch time, we were in the hall talking to each other. Period 4 at 1:30 I was in business studies and it was very prosaic. We were learning about limited and unlimited liability

14:30: media studies, boring since I had to sit somewhere else. Deconstructing

Getting up: hesitations, false starts and pauses. Gestures, facial expressions, body language





Conclusion: during the day, I use many different features of spoken language, Ranging from hesitations and false starts to the use of slang. Each day I talk to different people depending on the lessons I have and the times I leave my house and school.

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