Tuesday, 29 January 2013

differences between spoken and written language

A. Spoken language is more
Informal than written
Because when you speak, the letters and words sound differently to other people where as if you are reading to yourself, you would read in a formal way

B. You can’t judge spoken
Language in the same way as
Written language.
An accent can change the way you hear them.

C. Written language is better
Than spoken language.
I disagree because when speaking, you may add an extra word or two if you needed but if you were reading off as piece of paper and had to read it exactly, you can’t change anything.

D. People use language more
Correctly when they write
Than when they speak.
I agree, you write slower then when you would speak and you can also edit the sentences you write where when you speak then you can’t change it.

E. Spoken language is easier
To understand than written
I agree because the speaker can put more emphasis on some words to make it have a different meaning.

F. Spoken language is livelier
And more spontaneous than
Written language-e.
I agree because reading is boring and long, speaking is living it. You can make it realistic

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